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Lightfield Technology

A unique technology called The Lightfield has recently been introduced, based upon understanding derived from fundamental Russian discoveries in physics and related technology which integrated observations from four decades of Soviet scientific research, and combining five years of experience with observing the effects of coherent information fields in re-empowering human capacities.

The Lightfield produces an environment which facilitates the reconnection of individuals with their higher levels of innate awareness, from which most of humanity has become disconnected during the process of moving through their respective life experiences. One commonly perceived effect of such reconnection occurring over a period of time is an apparent reduction of accumulated stress and the establishment of a strong sense of inner peace.

The new technology has been introduced by The Lightfield Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable corporation having an office at 14 Main Street, Chester, Massachusetts 01011, U.S.A., now offering Lightfield sessions to the public. An individual session typically consists of 30 to 40 minutes in which a person is surrounded by a harmonious field of information derived from music, light and physical geometry that is projected within it. The client emerges commonly reporting feelings of renewal and a sense of being re-energized.

In the early 1990’s, Russian scientists became convinced of the existence and properties of an additional class of a non-physical field in physics beyond the gravitational, electric, magnetic, and strong and weak nuclear attraction fields historically recognized by the mainstream scientific community as capable of creating surrounding influence. The newly recognized field type is, in essence comprised purely of information or ideas. We have, therefore, come to refer to such fields as “information fields”.

The Russians recognized that the biofields which surround every life form are themselves purely information fields, continuously generated by the consciousness of the individual. They developed technology known as GDV bioelectrography for imaging such biofields indirectly using a computerized variant of the phenomenon known as Kirlian photography (originally discovered by a Russian husband and wife scientific team for which it was named).

Russian scientists did some of the seminal work understanding information fields and their character, developing a technology capable of stripping the information content from an electromagnetic signal input and projecting a field comprised solely of the information extracted. This principle is utilized in The Lightfield unit, wherein information is stripped from pleasant commercial music signal and light inputs and then projected into the unit, creates a field of harmonious information within The Lightfield environment. As in the case with human biofield, The Lightfield’s information field has a non-physical character, in which neither audible sound nor visible light are present; rather, the ideas that comprise their spiritual essence are present.

The information field projected into The Lightfield unit has a property of coherence. When an individual is placed within a coherent information field they begin to reconnect with their higher awareness, and commence jettisoning stress accumulated during the process of living. Coherent information fields are also observed to be produced in other venues by the activities of group prayer or meditation, as well as by the presence of certain physical geometries described since ancient times as “sacred geometries”.

Lightfield unit open.
Lightfield unit closed.
The Lightfield unit open to allow entry and exit from the unit.
The Lightfield unit in fully engaged position.


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